Devilish Magical Moonrise

28-day aged 300g USDA Certified Prime Ribeye, rosemary-thyme garlic butter, with choice of two sides.


  • 4 milliliters (mL) of southern comfort


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@ golden.gulum.ei.hilt

In terms of omakase, they had a few options but the one we chose was the 87 dollar version which include sashimi and sushi.

@ septimus_the_old

Great place to stop in from a chaotic Times Square adventure! The coffee is great, the drinks are creative and the staff is very nice and hospitable. Cant wait to stop in again. Without a doubt 5 stars from me!!

@ septimus.rarnis

Great lattes and cold drinks as well. Nice to see a place carrying local coffee and products in Times Square! Excited to make it a part of my morning commute as it is much less crowded than the chain coffee shops around here.

@ rarnis_athis

For dinner we ordered the shrimp enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, chicken burrito, chimichangas, and steak quesadillas. Everything was so tasty and amazing. I wasnt surprised because the food at the FiDi location is the best so I figured this location would be just as good and it was!!! The enchiladas with the green sauce is to die for. My go to at the FiDi location is usually the chicken enchiladas but I decided to try something new and the shrimp enchiladas did not disappoint.

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